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February 2021

The RAIC Foundation wishes to thank those individuals and firms who responded generously to our recent outreach with donations in support of our various awards, scholarships and bursaries. Prominent among our new monthly donors is Keystone Architecture, whose head office is in Abbotsford BC.

Founded more than 30 years ago, keystone is experiencing a period of rapid growth, opening a new office in Calgary and expanding its staff from a core of 12 to more than 40. This has been achieved without the firm losing its core values of integrity and character. Over the years, the initial success with the development of churches, worship facilities and recreational camps, expanded into a portfolio of unique ventures including multi-residential communities, retirement communities and industrial projects.

As Senior Principal Eric Poxleitner of Keystone notes: “As we evolve, we are seeking out and hiring the most talented people in the industry. A lot of them are young graduates, whose fresh ideas, enthusiasm and team approach help us in our search for better ways to serve our clients, add value to projects and reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings. With their passion for sustainability, the younger generation are always pushing us to do better. When the RAICF reached out to us, we immediately saw this as a really good fit with our own values and wanted to be involved.’.

This new monthly donation from Keystone Architecture, together with others like it, will help support the RAIC Foundation’s core mission: ‘To advance excellence and knowledge in Canadian architecture by supporting programs that ensure a vibrant place for architecture in Canadian society, the advancement of excellence in architecture, and a strong architectural profession throughout Canada.’

Join the RAICF team by making a monthly or one-time donation in support of the emerging generation of Canadian architects. Visit www.raicf.ca and click on the Donate tab. For more information, contact Jim Taggart FRAIC at raic.foundation@raicf.ca

Photo Credits:
Aquadel Crossing: Calvin Owen Jones / Courtesy Keystone Architecture
Keystone Staff Group Photo: Revival Arts Photography / Courtesy Keystone Architecture

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